About Us

Sweegen is dedicated to the development, production and distribution of stevia sweeteners for the food, flavor and beverage industries. To learn more about SweeGen, Inc., click the following links: Company Overview, SweeGen Company PPT

Our Mission

To develop and produce sustainable alternative stevia sweeteners from natural resources that can improve the health and nutrition of the global consumer.

Sweegen’s Stevia Technology Breakthrough

For several years, our company has been developing cutting-edge technologies to produce stevia’s next generation sweeteners in large-scale and to offer the food industry high quality and sustainable stevia alternative sweeteners. We currently have several patents related to sweetener technology pending approval. These patents, along with many trade secrets, have formed a solid foundation for the commercial production of these superior sweeteners. This technology has propelled us to a leadership position in the development of low calorie and zero-calorie alternative stevia sweeteners.

Important differentiation: Naturalness and Non-GMO Sweeteners

  • We use only Non-GMO materials for production and we follow strict regulatory guidelines in order to produce truly Non-GMO products.
  • We do not produce, or use, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) plants or ingredients.
  • Our sweeteners meet regulatory compliance for the EU and US markets.