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‘Ingredients lists are powerful purchasing motivators’: Study finds consumer care more about ingredients than brand
More bad news for artificial sweetener users according to Ben-Gurion University researchers
McDonald’s removes artificial ingredients from hamburgers
Major sweetener moves in minor glycosides
Taxing soda vs sugar: Which is the way to stop sugar over-consumption in Malaysia?
Sweegen’s statement regarding PureCircle lawsuit
Top 17 health problems that improved in people who switched from GMO to Organic diets
Do refined ingredients count as GMOs?
Cracking the sugar code: Why the “glycome” is the next big thing in health and medicine
Consumers aren’t so sweet on sugar, studies find
Expert comment: How is the beverage industry’s relationship with sugar changing?
Added sugars on the label may influence the majority of consumers
Sugar tax threat looms large in Malaysia as PM highlights soft drinks concerns
Sucralose needs a safety re-evaluation following metabolite discovery, say scientists
Some consumers are turning away from packaged products to reduce sugar consumption, Kerry warns
How much sugar do consumers expect in a “lightly sweetened” cereal? Judge certifies classes in Kellogg added sugar case
What do consumers think of GMOs?
Special Report – How to tackle Australia’s obesity epidemic: Coca-Cola Amatil, Fonterra and Nestle have their say
New website aims to offer ‘accurate context for sugar,’ address ‘pinpricks’ that led to its demonization
UK sugar tax has ‘minimal impact’ on consumer behavior: Nielsen
Nestlé USA lawsuit highlights confusion over Non-GMO claims, say attorneys
The war on sugar’s biggest casualty: Global prices
UK sugar tax “in line with our expectations” – Coca-Cola European partners
Consumers are still sweet on sugar, say analysts
NZ Health Minister responds to appointment of “number one” sugar tax advocate
Innovative approaches to reducing added sugars
Brazil beverages want traffic light labeling: ‘We prefer the system- it’s a universal language’
Next step: Mondelez to cut sugar, salt, sat fat and artificial ingredients in power brands
Sweet move: Kellogg’s slashes sugar in Coco Pops ahead of UK government’s 20% less
sugar by 2020 goal

Reaction as Mondelez to launch 30% less sugar Cadbury bar
Sugar- Which works best?  Doing it yourself or being told what to do?- Sustainability Spotlight
EFSA to consider limits for kaurenoic acid in stevia
UK food industry is not failing on sugar reduction targets, says expert
Philippines primed to put in place ‘cigarette-style’ health warnings on sweet drinks
SweetLeaf and Sweegen were awarded for the Best Taste Awards 2018
High-sugar product manufacturers buck ‘warning’ mark on labels
Survey finds 80% of Americans want GMO information on packaging
What makes reducing sugar in chocolate so challenging?
Coca-Cola Amatil, Coca-Cola South Pacific pledge 20% sugar reduction by 2025
Next Generation Stevia market poised to expand at a robust pace over 2018 to 2028.
The Non-GMO Project may emerge as the big winner from federal GMO labeling legislation

Social Media Generated Health Consciousness Driving Demand for Natural Sweeteners
IFIC Food & Health survey shows significant shift in consumer attitudes towards sugar, carbs
Sugar Tax encourages “healthier purchases” without excessively hitting retailer revenues:  Australian trial
Quest Nutrition unveils Tortilla Style Protein Chips
Coke has promised less sugar, but less is still too much
British food companies fail to meet voluntary sugar reduction goals
The Mediterranean diet is gone, says WHO chief
Coca-Cola adresses sugar reduction, KFC unveils Colonel-shaped pool floats:
International Round-up

Junk food firms fail miserably to meet a sugar-reduction target set by the Government
to cut child obesity

UK Sugar reduction efforts fail to reach initial target, industry urged to step up or face tax
Coca-Cola continues low-sugar push with new healthier line of juices
Whole Foods delays GMO labeling rollout
Nestle to cut more sugar and salt in packaged foods to make children healthier

Coca-Cola launches Stevia Coke: Is it any good?

Coca-Cola Amatil Announces Sugar Cuts and Recipe Change

Researchers call for action to protect Mexican kids from food marketing around schools
Coca-Cola is reducing the sugar in even its full-sugar drinks
Sugar Highs Leave Prices Heading Toward Record Lows
Low-Sugar Lemonade wins berth in Kraft incubator unit Springboard
Sugar tax an option if “all else fails” in Hong Kong’s fight against non-communicable disease
Coca-Cola on innovation: ‘We’ve got to be willing to kill the zombies’
Minor stevia extracts like Reb M and Reb D are in high demand.  How can stevia
suppliers scale up supply?

Industry responds: Selective tax is not effective in tackling obesity

Ways to remove added sugars
Coke sweetened with 100% stevia launches in New Zealand

Ireland sugar tax comes into effect

Exercise can’t save us: Our sugar intake is the real culprit, say experts

Sugar tax – “We have got to look forward” – Coca-Cola European partners
CEO Damian Gammell
More Americans are avoiding sugar – but what do they want instead for sweetness?
Chilly Cow™ – Meet Chilly Cow
(click to view video)
Chilly Cow™ – It Could be You (click to view video)
Switch to Stevia for a Sweet and Healthy Life Style
Philadelphia soda tax works, but who benefits?
How the sugar tax has transformed the soft drinks category – Comment
Fat, fiber & whole grains among attributes that drive consumption, while sugar
remains a turn-off
Soft drinks tax is of greatest benefit to poorer households:  Lancet
Coca-Cola India Launches No-Sugar variant of Thums Up Charged
Soft drinks brands take up the sugar tax gauntlet with focus on innovation and premiumisation
UK Sugar Tax: The experts weigh in
Sugar tax comes into an effect in the UK
Coca-Cola launches a campaign to talk up its ‘uniqueness’ ahead of the sugar tax
Are some ‘no added sugar’ claims really illegal?

Ireland’s Sugar Tax Pushed Back to May

South Africa Introduces Sugar Tax
Soft Drink Health Concerns not yet trickled down into social media users
Stevia Use in Food, Beverage Launches Up More than 10% in 2017
Soft Drink Industry ‘ahead of the game’ as UK Sugar Tax Looms
Nestle’s Milkybar Targets Healthy Sweet Spot with Designer Sugar
Capri-Sun Reduces Sugar by 50% with Stevia Recipe
Cargill announces Production of its Stevia Leaf based Sweetener called EverSweet
Stevia producer PureCircle says use of sweetener up 10% in 2017
Natural Sugar Alternatives are Vital in the Movement to Decrease Sugar Cane Consumption
Eat Healthy, Eat Natural to Keep Cancer at Bay
Nestle makes Taste Pledge with Launch of Stevia-based Sanpellegrino in UK
Sugar-Free Success: Coca-Cola Enjoys 25 Percent Growth for Sprite on Dutch Relaunch,
Two Countries to Follow
The Race to Replace Sugar is on. Which Ntural Sweetener will come out on top?
Sri Lanka Beverage Firms Shaken by Sugar Tax
Avoidance of Sugar Remains Macro Trend
Coca-Cola to Launch Low-Sugar Products
Singapore Officials Drawing Up Plans to Curb Sugar Levels in Food Products
How Sweet It Is? EFSA Seeks Suggestions on Sugar Research 
Diet Coke Unveils Massive Brand Relaunch
Coca-Cola Launches Fuze Tea in Europe
Barry Callebaut sweetens appeal of healthier chocolate with low-sugar range
Coca-Cola Aims to Solve Stevia Aftertaste Problem With New Drink
PepsiCo, Coca-Cola looking for alternatives to cut sugar content in drinks
October is Non-GMO Month
Swiss Food Industry Add Danone and Kellogg to Sugar Cutting Pact
Beverage giants pledge to limit sugar content of drinks in Singapore
Nestea Rolls Out Next-Generation Brewed Iced Tea
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Launches in US
Dannon® Introduces New Choices in Light Yogurt – Minus the Artificial Sweeteners
Russell Stover launches first sugar-free chocolate line sweetened with stevia extract
Coca-Cola ‘No Calories, and With Sweetener from Stevia Plant’ Debuts in Greece
Coca-Cola has quietly been removing sugar from its drinks—and no one seems to care
Nestle pledges 18,000-tonne sugar cut in European products

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