Next Generation Stevia Sweeteners

The demand for sugar continues to grow while production of sugar is declining. Artificial sweeteners continue to create controversies and concern among consumers about the direct relationship between weight gain and their use in foods and beverages. At this time there is a need for sustainable production of non-caloric sweeteners based on consumer demand for natural ingredients world-wide. Stevia sweeteners derived from stevia, high-purity Reb-A and Steviol Glycosides 95% are growing in acceptance and demand. These sweet compounds, first generation stevia sweeteners, are the most abundant in the stevia leaf and therefore can be easily produced by extraction. But the real potential lies in Natural Next Generation Sweeteners for use in food products and beverages. These high-intensity stevia sweeteners are a better choice than artificial sweeteners for safety reasons as well as sustainability.

Reb M, Reb D, and other steviol glycosides exist only in extremely low concentration in stevia leaves. The cost of extracting these rare compounds is very high and not commercially feasible because the high price of Reb M, Reb D, produced by extraction, limits drastically the potential usage of these stevia sweeteners in food and beverage.

The answer to this problem is manufacture by bioconversion, more specifically, our unique manufacturing process; a combination of science, engineering, bioconversion and purification processes developed by our team of scientists and engineers to produce Natural Next Generation Sweeteners that meet Non-GMO regulatory compliance, as well as “naturalness” in the US and Europe and offer these ingredients at prices comparable to the price of sugar based on sweetness capacity.

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