The sweetener market

The sweetener market has evolved significantly in recent years. Consumers are increasingly aware of health issues related to high caloric intake. Obesity and diabetes are on the rise, and unsurprisingly, non-caloric alternatives to sugar have been in high demand. The sugar tax has been introduced in many countries around the globe and more and more American cities vote for introducing the so-called soda tax. Industry leaders are starting to switch to healthier, non-caloric alternatives. Also, the regulatory markets are opening up to enable consumers to find the best tasting alternative on the market.

Sweegen’s BESTEVIA® Reb-M stevia sweetener is one of the few commercially available Reb-M products, that offers a non-caloric alternative while having a sugar-like taste. The potential for Reb-M to replace artificial sweeteners, existing stevia sweeteners and a significant share of the sugar market is great.

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