“Reduced sugar” isn’t new—but reducing more sugar than ever before while delivering clean sweetness is big news. The solution: BESTEVIA™ Reb-M stevia sweetener, a high-purity, next-generation stevia sweetener launched by SweeGen.

BESTEVIA™ Reb-M stevia sweetener is 200 to 300 times sweeter than sugar. The process starts with the leaf of the stevia plant and results in a 95% pure Reb-M stevia sweetener with significantly less bitterness and aftertaste compared to conventional stevia sweeteners. This enables you to achieve levels of sugar reduction that were impossible or unpalatable until now.

BESTEVIA™ Reb-M stevia sweetener is approved in the U.S. and it will soon be approved in other countries. The sweetener you—and consumers—have been waiting for is here.


BESTEVIA™ Reb-M stevia sweetener is unlike any other on the market. We start with the extract obtained from the leaves of the stevia plant and use a proprietary technology to deliver a breakthrough sweetener with a less bitter aftertaste to mask. With zero calories and a taste that’s the closest thing to sugar, BESTEVIA™ Reb-M stevia sweetener offers the best of both worlds to consumers—and to your products.


Testing by our sweetness experts shows that with BESTEVIA™ Reb-M stevia sweetener, beverages can achieve more than 70% sugar reduction without compromising taste. And our sensory mapping proves that this new Reb-M stevia sweetener produces a sweetness much closer to that of sugar compared to Reb A.


This versatile sweetener empowers you to give consumers the sugar-like taste they love—with fewer of the calories they don’t—in applications including:

• Beverages
• Dairy products
• Bakery products
• Table top sweeteners
• Confectionery treats
• Nutritional foods and beverages



A breakthrough in sweetness

Get the facts about BESTEVIA™ Reb-M stevia sweetener



Regulatory Approvals

United States
BESTEVIA™ Reb-M GRAS affirmed, FDA No Objection Letter Received

Approved by Health Canada

Ecuador follows the FDA Approval

Approved by COFEPRIS

Future approvals

We are working toward approval in multiple countries/regions in the next years.

Contact us for further information at info@sweegen.com

The Newest Addition to our Sweetener Profile – Bestevia Reb-D

BESTEVIA™ Reb D is the newest addition to our sweetener portfolio. Reb D can be found in the stevia leaf among many other molecules. Starting from the leaf, our unique manufacturing process enables us to cost-efficiently produce this sweet-tasting, zero-calorie stevia sweetener. Initial testing shows the increased sweetness and decreased aftertaste compared to Reb A.

Regulatory Approvals for Bestevia Reb-D

United States
BESTEVIA™ Reb-D:  GRAS affirmed, FDA No Objection Letter Received.

Future Approvals
We are working toward approval in multiple countries/regions in the next years.

Contact us for further information at info@sweegen.com




We produce BESTEVIA™ Reb-M through the use of our patent granted and pending processes and methods. We also have a licensing arrangement that allows us to produce Reb-M through our own unique and proprietary pathway. This pathway has also led us to the production of other steviol glycosides. Each of these new molecules offers a different sweetness profile and each has unique characteristics in terms of taste, mouthfeel and solubility, making them ready for use in new and different applications.

Here is a list of only a few of the steviol glycosides that we plan to produce in the future:

• Reb E
• Reb V
• Reb W

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