Stevia is the perfect sweetener to replace sugar, fructose and artificial sweeteners.  All our Stevia sweeteners are non-GMO and are produced through a proprietary leaf based bioconversion process with a taste closest to sugar. Reb M, Reb D, and Bestevia e+ are the perfect sweeteners for your formulation.


Want to learn more about Stevia? Read our White Paper on Stevia.




Our Bestevia® Reb M and the Reb D stevia sweeteners can replace up to 100% of sugar, fructose or artificial sweeteners
in many applications. Their respective taste profiles are clean with sugar-like sweetness. They are both Non GMO Project
Verified and are label friendly. Click here to learn more.




Bestevia® e+ is our newest product and was developed especially for non-alcoholic beverages to tread around some patent
protections in that field. However, Bestevia® e+ provides a most sugar-like taste in all applications. Click here to learn more.



Our Stevia sweeteners can also be used as FMPs, flavors with modifying properties. Try our FEMA approved nature-based
sweetness modulators today! Click here to learn more.

 Regulatory Approvals


Reb M, Reb D, e+

Reb M, Reb D

Reb M, Reb D

Reb M, Reb D

Reb M, Reb D

Reb M

Reb M, Reb D

Future Approvals
We are working toward approval in multiple countries/regions in the next years.

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