Proprietary Production Based in Nature

Our production process starts with first generation natural steviol glycosides as the substrate, we add natural enzymes to amplify the availability of the next generation sweeteners throughout the process. The result is a natural compound (Reb-M, Reb-D or any other targeted steviol glycoside) that can be isolated and further purified for use as a sweetener in food and beverage products for the global consumer. The process does not change the natural molecule of the steviol glycoside and the end product can be confirmed as natural using isotopic analytical methods that can differentiate a natural ingredient from a synthetic product. We start with the natural compounds and, through our bioconversion technology, produce sustainable stevia sweeteners with assured quality, regulatory compliance and competitive prices.

Our technological achievement took many years to develop, we had to overcome a series of engineering challenges, producing small quantities of the desired compounds at lab scale until we were able to scale-up successfully to commercial production.

Environmentally Friendly & Sustainable Stevia Technology

We do not use chemical-based processes that require non-renewable raw materials. Our bioconversion process starts with natural compounds from the stevia plant and uses Non-GMO ingredients to produce stevia sweeteners that meet the highest industry quality standards. In addition, we do not seek to destroy the livelihood of thousands of farmers who grow stevia for today’s industry. Instead, we try to improve their livelihood by utilizing what they produce and making it even better with our technology. Our goal is to use the best nature offers and enhance the results with science and technology while maintaining the integrity of the natural compounds, ensuring sustainable resources and meeting regulatory compliance.

The Advantages of Our Platform

Our expertise in manufacture and investment in technology and science has given our team a strong advantage in the market.

  1. Unique IP, a proprietary manufacture process with several pending patents.
  2. Regulatory compliance, our stevia sweeteners are Non-GMO.
  3. Highly efficient manufacture process that ensures sustained availability, consistent quality and a competitive price.
  4. Vertical integration, large capacity and extraction facilities that ensure continuous production and quality standards.